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Welcome to INSPIRIA science center

Publisert: 24.05.2011
INSPIRIA is one of Norway's National Science Centers, and a place where visitors are encouraged to learn through interactive exhibitions. Our main focus areas include Energy, Space, Environment and Health,  and we share knowledge about these themes by letting our visitors explore and experiment with the different exhibitions, as well as participate in various activities offered throughout the day.

New exhibition 2020: «Dinosauria – Facts and Myths»

Pre-order tickets here » (in Norwegian)

If you need any assistance, please email: 

Guide to Dinosauria – Facts and Myths in English

“Dinosauria” is the scientific name for dinosaurs, and derives from Ancient Greek: “Deinos”, meaning “terrible, potent or fearfully great”, and “sauros”, meaning “lizard or reptile”.

Due to the Corona virus restrictions, the number of English-speaking visitors to the science center has been greatly reduced. Consequently, most of the activities, shows, and general information regarding the exhibition is in Norwegian only. However, we have compiled facts about the 15 dinosaurs that are on display, which you can download below. It provides an in-depth description of the dinosaurs.



If you have any questions, please ask our staff wearing colorful shirts with flower decorations. We hope you enjoy your visit at INSPIRIA science center!


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