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INSPIRIA's Vision and Goals

Publisert: 23.05.2011
INSPIRIA started out as an attempt to raise the interest for science and maths amongst the young people of Østfold County in Norway. When the national curriculum for science has been tested, pupils from Østfold have for some time been at the bottom of the list. Both the local authorities and local industry wanted to change this.

Østfold in Need of more Engineers

Østfold has a lot of industry that requires engineers from several scientific disciplines. The negative trend in science knowledge among students from this county means that local industry has to look elsewhere for much needed competence. As a consequence, their working stock is less viable to stay with the companies over time, as they have to move to Østfold from other parts of Norway. This represents potential instability and added cost, as new engineers need training before they are fully capable of doing the jobs needed.

School Programs at INSPIRIA

The school programs that INSPIRIA offers to the schools in Østfold are developed by experienced teachers and are closely linked to the national curriculum. All our school programs take a practical and fun approach to science or maths. The main idea is to:
  • Inspire students to ask questions
  • Kindle their urge to know
  • Give them a chance to see the fun side of science and math
  • Let them discover that surprise and wonder is at the centre, not established facts and abstract theorems
Our ultimate goal is that every pupil - from first graders to senior high school graduates - will have the opportunity to visit us with their class once a year. We hope that these visits will:
  • Be something they look forward to
  • Inspire their interest in science and math throughout their years at school
  • Allow our exhibits to further excite them to revisit us
  • Add to their positive relationship to science

Our Vision

INSPIRIA’s vision is “to be an important contributor to social development”. This requires us to work with local business life as well as the schools. As our goals are closely linked to those of local industry and businesses, we already have partners and sponsors within the local industries.

We aim to be an important arena and meeting place for these businesses. In close cooperation with Quality Hotel & Resort Sarpsborg next door, we can arrange conferences and events for companies that want something a bit out of the ordinary. We want to be a natural place for local companies to meet their partners and customers, and we hope that our conference rooms and events can offer them an interesting business arena and show room.