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Tone Bjordam

Publisert: 11.02.2016

Norwegian artist Tone Bjordam makes projects related to nature, perception and ecology. Bjordam works with video, animation films, nature photography, abstract paintings, intricate, detailed drawings and geometrical sculptures. She has a Master Degree in Fine Art from The Art Academy in Oslo Norway, and is exhibiting artwork internationally.

Paintings in motion

Inspired by science and our experience of forms in nature, Bjordam has for many years been working with video projects visualizing the movement and progression of liquid color in fluids and unfolding organic forms in motion. She stages controlled, yet playful experiments and creates imaginary landscapes and paintings in motion. Bjordams family has a geological background that has inspired her artwork throughout her career. Realizing from an early stage the immense forces of nature, she tries to find different ways to visualize systems in change and also to find artistic ways to communicate complex science.

Complexity and simplicity

On one hand, her work is complex, monumental and dramatic in form. This stands in contrast to a playful, spontaneous and easy style. This balance between the heavy and the light is typical of Bjordams work, regardless of the technique she works with.

Collaboration between art and science

The artvideo “Critical Transitions” made in 2012 is inspired by discussions with ecologist, scientist and musician Marten Scheffer who studies the nature of change. Scheffer and Bjordam started their collaboration when Scheffer contacted Bjordam by email after seeing her artwork at an exhibition in Stockholm, Sweden.


"Critical Transitions" is an artistic visualization of processes that are constantly going on around us. A system gradually builds up, and eventually it might reach a tipping point where everything suddenly changes. After that it can stabilize in a new system. In the video there are three sequences, each about 10 minutes, inspired by such processes. The video can be viewed as an abstract painting in motion or as a landscape in flux.

Tipping point

Climate, forests, coral reefs, financial markets and even our minds occasionally reach a tipping point where they go through a radical transformation. Foreseeing such critical transitions or even noticing that they are unfolding is challenging as they are embedded in the omnipresent permanent flow of change.

Anticipating patterns

Dazzled by myriads of such minimal motions, how can we see that they sometimes erupt into transforming change? Emerged in chaotic and turbulent transformation, how can we see where we are going? Science seeks universal early warning signals for critical transitions, but often we may only realize the world is not the same anymore in the hindsight.

About the art Coral (2009)

In the video INSPIRIA have bought, Coral, we are captivated as viewers by what can best be described as a moving abstract painting with allusions to both traditional romantic, atmospheric painting and chemical processes. With seductive imagery in a meditative pace, we are faced with cascades of colour that slowly appear to assume the shape of organic forms such as plants, smoke, clouds, explosions or, as the title suggest, corals.

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