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Daniel Warner

Publisert: 11.02.2016

Daniel’s motion pieces and designs have been fortunate to find recognition through galleries, film festivals, collections, publications, awards, and exhibitions in the U.S. and abroad. An assistant professor at K-State University, Daniel also writes, teaches, and runs a small studio.
 Are the nano-machines destructive, or constructive? Autonomous or controlled? Symbiotic or parasitic? Thinking or rote?
Daniel has an MFA in Design from University of Notre Dame and a BA in Literature from Edinboro University of PA.

Description of the artwork Aphasia

Stepping into the dawn of the bio-tech era, this experimental motion work explores our bared physical scaffolding: Tiny nanoscopic, biotechnological machines—pulsing with energy, boring holes, tendrils slipping along—quietly move about their unknown business within a vast bodyscape of porous bone and watery ligament.

Locked into an ambiguous dance with the mechanical and technological ‘life’ that has become an increasingly central part of our cultural (and physiological) architecture - Aphasia slips through the membrane between organism and technology, where nanoforms quietly manipulate the electrical and biochemical impulses through which we sense (and make sense of) the worlds within and around us.

Aphasia Series: 2012-13


Daniel Warner
Aphasia Oceana (sound with Canadian duo Sea Oleena)
Aphasia Volutia (sound with Swedish ensemble Sickoaks)
Aphasia V (musical interpretation by Richard Ermlick)

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